Monday, 10 August 2009

More Mormonising

Once the world is on a theme, it just rolls.
Last night, we watched Jonathan Ross - we're behind the UK, but not YEARS behind as with Graham Norton.
Rossie had the frontman of The Killers, Brandon Flowers on. He let us know the bloke was a Mormon and then let that drop, but carried on baiting him. First up, Flowers was wearing a stupid-looking jacket with pheasant feathers on the shoulders. When matey said they were pheasant feathers, Rossie just had that playful smile around his mouth, but totally desisted from mentioning pheasant pluckers.
Apparently, The Killers spend more time in the UK than in the USA and Flowers likes salt and vinegar crisps, in a sandwich with hummus.
'Humous,' corrected Rossie. 'The chocolate in the US is shit,' he went on,
'No, I like it,' said the Mormon Killer.
'Yeah, but it's shit,'
'I think it's OK,'
'Yeah, but you're wrong,' said Rossie, at which point, Flowers admitted he did prefer Cadburys.
Jonathan Ross, on top form and nudging his way back into my good books.

I was pleased to learn that homophobia doesn't exist. I'm sure all members of the LGBT community will be equally pleased. Although.....maybe not so much, because it's not that it has CEASED to exist, just that we were all mistaken about it in the first place.
What nits we are.


Sleepy said...

I'd hate to think that the 3 different pricks who have tried to kick me to death don't feel 'denigrated' in any way.
Heaven forfend they should feel so shitty.

Schneewittchen said...

Scary that the bloke is an MEP too!