Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Starfish and Coffee

That's the name of the photo, and of course of the Prince song, that my grandkids love the most. Doesn't everyone have a favourite Prince song?

One of the first things that made me laugh when I got here - along with the constantly amusing use of the word 'beaver' and the pronunciation of 'Gouda' - was the fact that there are speeches from the throne.

Now I sometimes assail Kevin with my wisdom from the throne too, but in general I feel this is an event that can only be shared with your partner and possibly your children when they are very small.

Stephen Harper has no such modesty, he shares his with the country, heck, it's probably even televised.
I shudder.

On the wall in my main floor throne room, I have a postcard with a loo brush on it, and the phrase, 'Memoiren einer Klobürste' who is saying, 'es war nicht alles scheisse'.
I know what you're thinking, must have been after the spelling reforms.
Anyroad, turns out the bog brush was right, because this time it wasn't all shit. BC have been told to clean up their act, quite literally. Our garbage needs to be reclaimed, and we're not going to be allowed to just dump it somewhere else.

One of the things I have been missing out on since being here, is granary bread, and it's not one of those things that someone can just bring out for you. We have a lot of approximations, but until recently, not the real thing, and it has to be the real thing because it doesn't disturb my tum.

But now, I have found the real McCoy in Save-On.

Yes, of course there's a minor aggravation involved.
Save-On is a lovely supermarket, but somewhere in its echelons it has an illiterate in a position whose main function is to provide wordage.
They had a 'tin vegetables' aisle. Whether it was because said functionary read my blog, or because customers were staying away from the tin veggies in their droves, we will never know, but the sign disappeared and was replaced with something containing the word canned or tinned.

So, the granary bread, is called such because the malted grains are allowed to start to germinate on the floor of the granary.
But Save-On are calling their bread 'grainery bread'. Yes, of course you don't recognise that word spellchecker, because there is no such word.
No, it's not the North American word for granary, it's simply a non-existent word.
I suppose it's up to me to tell them again.

What's going on in the world of feminism? I hear you ask.
Tell you tomorrow.


Sleepy said...

Little Red Corvette!

Time to make your own bread. I have some good recipes, TP has a bad gut reaction to bought bread but not to the homemade.

And yes! WFT is going on in the world of feminism.

Schneewittchen said...

That's what I'd have picked for you!

Mine's 'When Doves Cry,' - I know, I know, the Prince track equivalent of the colour pink.

I will have to try and persuade Kev that he'd like to make bread, it rather seems to count as cooking to me - although I think we might have a breadmaker somewhere.

Fear not, I won't leave you wondering for long .... :-P