Friday, 14 August 2009

Salmon and Cucumber

Alex left today. We went for a last brunch at the Cucumber Café, an odd place. It's like a diner that's trying to be a restaurant. There are too many people whose job is to just be there. The décor is retro kitsch somehow. But the food is good, and the staff were polite, and hey, it's not that far away.
But I'll miss my girl.

When I came back from the airport, we all went back to the Aberdeen Mall to see the Terracotta Warriors and the dancing fountains. We had Beard Papa cream puffs and managed to buy nothing in the Daiso store, so score really.

Yesterday, plans went awry. We had planned a kayaking trip, but we woke up to torrential rain, so we re-planned it to Science World, however I had promised Alex a final morning outing to Steveston, and by the time we got back, we realised that by now, we would be the idiotic people in the endless queue, so we went to UBC instead.

I see that the missing merchant ship with Russian crew, may or may not have been sighted off the coast of West Africa. I'd feel more amused by this, were it not that my father was in the merchant navy, and I can imagine the worry to the families of the crew members.

I wonder if someone will find our missing salmon. Going on four-year spawning cycles, we were expecting ten million sockeye this year, but in fact only one million have returned. Not only have the fishers been told they can't catch them, but even the First Nations.
At least everyone's in the same boat (no, not intended) this time.


Sleepy said...

Not even the First Nations?
Will that work?

Schneewittchen said...

They are supposed to have rights over the fishers who do it for a living because they are entitled to use the salmon to feed the band, however what many do is flog it on the highway and this doesn't sit well with those who have lost their living.