Saturday, 1 August 2009

Vicars and Dicks

Alex and Susie.

So, overheated life continues, but the ac is on top of things again now. I'm having difficulty remembering what I did today, but not because of overindulgence, more due to a confusing vicaring emergency.
Our vicar is on holiday and I am her warden. When she asked me to be her warden and I asked,
'Well, what does it entail?' she replied,
'Oh, nothing really, just see things in the same way I do,' and, in fact, I do see things the same way she does. I think she understated the job spec though.
The stand-in vicar for tomorrow, has had some kind of non-specific emergency, which I hope doesn't involve life or limb, she is a very nice lady, but at 20.30 on a Saturday, eh...seems like even priests and the elderly are out.
Oh, did I mention it's my job to authorise ..... anything that needs authorising, and to organise .... whatever needs organising. Fortunately, the secky is on the ball, and she organised me to organise...the other people.

Enough of this confusion.
Last night we went to see Richard the Second - and it was good, but for the fact that the cast had decided amongst themselves to pronounce the name 'Hereford' as 'Herford'. For some reason, they didn't think to ask the English Creative Director how to say it.
Now my take on this is that, whilst they may pronounce other words differently, the names of people and places need to be correctly said. It is ridiculous to have characters repeatedly proclaiming their love for England and yet clearly unfamiliar with the parts of that country.
But Austen has a different take on this. He pointed out, that for a bunch of Shakespearean actors, it's odd that none of them noticed that they were interfering with the iambic pentameter. Good point.
Nonetheless, it was well done, well performed and now I am anxious to see Henry the fourth, but will have to wait until next year.

And whilst on the Henries, I was amused to read in Pep's blog about the celebration of Henry the Eighth's coronation, that the denizens of Pompey processed along the road chanting 'Henners, Henners!' this tickled me in a toe-curling kind of way.


Karemay said...

Wasn't your father warden at Pirbright church?

Schneewittchen said...

Yes, he was a Churchwarden. The set up here seems to be a little more specific in that I am the Rector's Warden. But you're right Karen, seems to be a role we can't escape ;)

Sleepy said...

'Rector's Warden' sounds deliciously sordid, in that Joanna Trollope sort of way.

Schneewittchen said...