Monday, 3 August 2009


Time Flies.

I am vexed, very vexed. We have suffered at the hands of vandals and this leaves me low.
Last night I noticed that four of our solar lights had been stolen from the front garden. Not the wizard's balls, and in fact the ones taken were just cheapies, but there was a sense of violation. Then this morning, more had been vandalised, the tops containing the solar cells and bulbs had gone. And this time, the vandals had come up the steps to get them. It makes me feel violent, and visualise blood and gore and guts and veins in m'teeth. Not sure where that's a quote from.

Whilst in my violent frame of mind, Ben made me watch 'Bronson', the story of Britain's most violent prisoner. It made me realise that you really do have to use violence to overcome violence and that some people are just wrong 'uns. Also, although I've always been against capital punishment, it made me think that some people just need to be put down like rabid pit bulls.

We missed Pride. This year we were determined to go, it's the biggest family street party in a city of many family parties. Alex and Ben were there and had a brilliant time.
I had been up and off to church early to make sure all went according to plan, if not smoothly. It did, but I was a bit languid afterwards, and lacked the motivation to do much. I think I would have missed most of it in any case by the time I got back.

Tomorrow, we're away to Mayne Island to stay in our friend's cabin. At present, with no rain for days, weeks, months, the well is dry, and the toilet broken. Fun all the way. It is supposed to be an incredible place though.
Watch this space.

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