Sunday, 9 August 2009

Terracotta Warriors

Rain! Rain! Lovely, ground-thirst quenching rain.

Alex and Laurence had finished yesterday by going to the cinema to watch GI Joe. Laurence was determined to see this, Alex went as a favour to her brother. When I collected them, Laurence had thought the film was shit, Alex had enjoyed every minute.

On Friday evening, Austen and Kevin had gone to watch the BC Lions again, in the hope that they might win this time, and at the very least, by having me drive them to the skytrain station, they could both drink.
The Lions won, and this, apparently, put the crowd in a very happy and mellow mood. They all sang 'wimoweh'.
This may seem obvious, your team wins, you are happy, and yet, and yet.....Austen couldn't help contrasting it with the sometimes appalling crowd behaviour of fans at football games at home.

Anyhoo, back at the ranch, Sue, Alex and I hunkered down to watch the film 'Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona'. I have to say it was an incredible film. It reminded me of a French film, where the camera shows you the behaviour of people and the way they behave and you, the viewer, interprets. Fabulous scenery too. Not one for the action film fan, but if you like a movie that makes you think, this is a good one.

This afternoon, Alex and I went shopping, to see if we could find the same T-shirt as Ben's favourite one, that mysteriously disappeared whilst he was here. We didn't find one.
Alex also made me go to the Aberdeen Mall - the Sino-Japanese dominated mall, where we found that the terracotta warriors had moved in.

And talking of moving in, my favourite programme, 'True Blood'. has a new vampire moving in. Perhaps rather a clichéd theme, but, according to AfterEllen, we're getting a lesbian vampire queen.
Who could want for more?

Tomorrow - the Aquarium.


Sleepy said...

Jam and Jerusalem started again on Sunday.
There are 3, hour long episodes.
Whoo Hoo!

Pep Cougar said...

Bloody fantastic!!!!

Schneewittchen said...

Oops, that was s'posed to be me, but Alex was signed in on my laptop. Grrr....