Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mountain Climbing

...however, not by me.

Monday - Vancouver Aquarium, shopping.
Tuesday - Recycling, Ice Age movie for the kids; shopping for Alex and me, family event evening.
Wednesday - Grouse Mountain.

The past few days have swept by insanely.
Weatherwise, Monday it deluged, Tuesday it picked up, today it was perfect for the Grouse Grind, which Alex, Kevin and Sue did. Austen and I took the kids up the mountain in the cable car.
[Alex is an angel. I love her.] - Guest Blogger, PepCougar wrote that.

The kids loved the mountain, and that includes the bigger kids. They loved the Lumberjack show, which I deplore and find about as entertaining as watching paint dry. They also loved the Raptor show, as did I, but by the end of it, I was all patronised out.

I see from the BBC's website, that Brits have been misusing their consulates around the world. Although the BBC reports that people are ringing up asking for weather reports and advice on dealing with unruly children, I think this was my favourite,

"One caller asked: "I'm making jam - what ratio of fruit to sugar shall I use?" "

Aung San Suu Kyi has been found guilty of ..whatever or however you would describe not knowing that a stranger was swimming the lake to your house to warn you he had a vision of your impending death. She has been placed under further house arrest for three years. The world responds with horror .... except China, like the disagreeable neighbour it always is.
Shitty, predictable, both the verdict and China's reaction, but nonetheless, shitty.

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