Monday, 2 November 2009

All Souls

All Souls. This reminds me of a name on those standard lists of pretend names that boys give you when you go to a new school and get to cover someone else's class. Wayne King, Mike Hunt and R. Soles.
That's about it actually, they're rarely very inspired.

Tonight we had a candlelit walk of the Labyrinth in remembrance of our dead. I love the labyrinth, of being entirely in your own space but passing people all the time who are in their own space, the same and yet utterly different.
The part of your life after your parents have passed is another phase, a discovery of them, of their experience of life, that you can only explore once they have stopped interacting with you.
It's a bizarre time of growing up, after your parents' death.

Across Canada, the H1N1 experiment is going awry. Having announced it had two doses of vaccine for every resident, they then started the three phase programme of vaccination. Low risk people like myself would be last, and would get their injection from clinics that have been set up, the third week in November.
Then they polled the people and it was found that only half of the nation would be taking up the offer thank-ye very much.
Phase one started. This didn't go very well. People from all risk groups have been lining up for up to five hours and the vaccine is running out.
Shambolic it is.
Oh well, I blame the government, me. Oh, and the twonks who don't do as they were told.


Sleepy said...

I wouldn't have that vaccine if you fecking paid me!
Has NOT been tested enough.
It's 'flu.
People die of it every year and no one is queuing round the block then!

Schneewittchen said...

Well, I've never had a flu jab before and it wouldn't occur to me to do so, but a friend whose opinion I value on these matters has made a good argument to me for having it so as not to put other people I care about and who are in less good health, at risk.
Course, may be a moot point.

Sleepy said...

Fair enough!
I'm sticking with TP and every one of her colleagues on the prescribing committee here!

Schneewittchen said...

Dammit! You've trumped me with TP, you know how I listen to her too! Oh well, probably won't have to decide anyway.

Gail said...

I hate to say it but Bozo (and then some further reading) has made me do a 180 on the whole vaccine thing. I wasn't hippy dippy none at all before but I was wary. I'm still as wary but weighing the risks. I like the whole idea of the greater good and that's what you're doing it for. I probably engage in WAY more risky behaviour out of choice than getting vaccines.