Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Going Global

Remembrance Day is a day of rest out here in BC. This is odd, like working a really short week, then having a really short weekend, then having another really short week. I know Christmas can work out to being midweek, but you don't sort of notice because...well, it's Christmas, and you have been kind of working up to it for a month and a half, and then it goes on for another two weeks, then it continues a bit longer and so forth.

On Sunday, at church, all the seniors wore their uniforms and medals, and it was all very emotional. Well, I was emotional, as was the vicar, everyone else seemed to be more stalwart. They sang the Canadian national anthem, which I don't feel I should join in, because it isn't my native land, but I stand of course. Also, the version we have in the hymn books is outrageously sexist, they all sing, '...true patriot love of all thy sons command.' Apparently it's been fixed, just not in the hymn books.

The Global Gender Gap Report for 2009 has just been released. Fabulously, the UK is only 15th out of 134 countries surveyed. Wouldn't it be great to be up there in the top three alongside Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Norway and Ikea? Canada, sadly, is even further behind, at number 25 - Oh, Canada:( - and the US comes in at number 31 in the charts.
The country of Ikea btw, has just appointed a Bishop who is not only a woman, but is also married to one. Being women of course, there is so much that the bigotosphere can criticise, like the fact that one partner (the bish) is 55, and the couple have a three year-old child. No-one's beeswax but their own, but just wait....

Québec! I try so hard to support you. Sometimes you make it easy by doing amazingly planet and woman - friendly things, and then you go and ruin it by being totally out of order when the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visit. Bunch of plonkers.

In Maine, where for some bizarre reason, the general population were allowed to vote on whether same sex couples should have the same rights as opposite gender couples to marry, a bunch of Catholics supported the same-sex rights, and yet the bigots won out. Why is this allowed to happen? There's a great post about it on the Gaytheist Gospel Hour blog.

The Online Shop Pharmacy have e-mailed me and offered 'tabs for doin' it nasty'. Tut tut, people really should learn to use adverbs when appropriate.


Sleepy said...

It would be an act of treason for you to sing O Canada.
The only other acceptable anthems for the 'English' to sing are the 'Tribal' ones when England go out of the footie.
It is at this time they discover their Scots/Irish/Welsh roots and can belt out, Flower of Scotland/Amrhan na bhfiann/Hen Wlad Fy Nhadua, with the best of them.

Fucking Frenchists!
This is why Canada is peopled by the Scots, Irish and Oriental types.
The English were so fucked off that they had travelled 2000 miles and STILL bumped into Frogs, they turned round and came straight back home!
Need a body of water between us and Them!

Maine.. Jesus..
All the Candians along the 49th Parallel need to get out those big ole lumberjack saws and just start sawing along that line.
When it's done just kick the USA the fuck away from you.
It'd be a mercy.

The Online Pharmacy is still concerned about the size of my penis and the 'rigidity' of my performance.

Schneewittchen said...

Good, that settles it! Er...on all counts I think. I'll encourage my friends to jump ship and come up here:)