Saturday, 7 November 2009


My nephew, a fan of London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, tells me that Boris did something good. Not only was he cycling, but he also saw off some scum buckets who were attacking a woman.
Well done Boris, on both counts.
However, one swallow does not a summer make.
I suppose he could be given some kind of international award though, and that might encourage him to become a good person.

Sleepy sent me a link from Auntie's website, about Spirit Bears and how they have survived by being less visible to salmon, and thus more successful at catching them. There is an absolutely brilliant video attached to this article.

I really don't understand. The RCMP have arrested and charged an immigrant in Ontario, with war crimes related to the Rwandan genocide. This is an outrage, it means he must have lied on his immigration form. I specifically had to sign to say I had never been involved in a genocide. OR...maybe he didn't lie but they don't look at the forms properly until later.


bozo5 said...

Wisky, not the genocide war criminal.

Sleepy said...

Was the war criminal also working as a teacher?
How galling would that be?

Just watching the Canadian Vets marching past the Cenotaph!

Schneewittchen said...

And...tomorrow you'll get to meet him Bozo.

Sleepy. Unbelievably galling, yes.
I expect I'll see a few vets in church this morning, ironically, some of them will be British war vets, but same diff.