Monday, 30 November 2009


I'm not so much a horse whisperer as a hoarse whisperer at the moment. I haven't felt ill, apart from one night of a high temperature and then a day of croakiness, but by Saturday morning the larynx had given up.

I had this happen once at Mayhem. I dreaded going in, given that many of my pupils were little short of psychopathic and as head of department I had most of the recalcitrants who did our subjects, and at that point they ALL did our subjects, trot through my classroom. So I was expecting...well, Mayhem.
But in fact, they were amazing, best ever, they all shut up and co-operated like troopers, Dunkirk spirit and all that.

I need my voice back by tomorrow. Tomorrow our new programme, 'Seasons of Mist and Sparkle' starts. Although Mother Nature being silent might give a stern message.

Ikea has come up trumps again. They are donating some of the proceeds from selling Christmas trees to the Homeless Shelter. That would be the extreme weather shelter for the homeless we don't have in Richmond you remember.
Somewhere in the team, working with us Proddies, is Sister Cecelia. I haven't met her, but I like that she called the mayor a liar. He had promised money for a women's shelter, withdrew it, and then said it had never been promised.
I wonder if Sister Cecelia could get my voice back.

Today was Saint Andrew's day - the patron saint of Scotland, unlike the Rabbi Burns, who isn't.


Raymond's Brain said...

Maybe some Labrador Tea.
Get well soon enough!

Dawn said...

Get well soon, friend. Rest well.

Schneewittchen said...

Thank-you both:)

Sleepy said...

From my James Wong book..

1 large bunch fresh sage leaves.
Enough runny honey to cover.

Wash leaves and place in a small pan with enough honey to cover leaves.
Simmer gently for an hour. Allow to cool.
Strain in to a sterilised jar, with a sprig of the sage.

Take 1 tsp whenever needed.
Can be used to sweeten and medicate hot lemon drinks.

Keeps for 6 months

Schneewittchen said...

Aha...I think I didn't have the whole recipe last time and tried making it with dried sage. I couldn't face it. This sounds much more palatable, I'll give it a try!