Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good Job

Most times, I find the French on products, more accurate a description than the English, but some biscuits caught my eye in Save-On today. The English name - 'Ginger Kids' huh, the French, 'les petits gingembres' huh, huh.

Today the Calgary Flames hockey team have been heavily criticised for having the Swine Flu vaccine ahead of other people. And yet just over a week ago, the government were fretting over how to persuade everyone to get the jab. Indeed, I overheard Bozo arguing with another friend who thought the government should just have the right to force people to get the injection. So, it seems to me that one good way of persuading people, especially a hockey obsessed people, is to get your hockey players to be vaccinated.
Sometimes we behave like the townsfolk of Springfield.

On the radio, the manager, coach, whatever, of the German winter Olympics team was saying there was no need, it - H1N1 - would all blow over long before the competitions. What I couldn't quite catch was his name, it sounded like 'Wolfuck' or 'Wolfart'.

Luckily, we have the tour of Canada by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to distract us from H1N1. Oh no, wait. Every time we see them, a comment is always made about how they are shaking hands without gloves, a high risk activity. Prince Charles also stalwartly doesn't wear an overcoat. This impresses people. Yesterday, some little man in a small town in Newfoundland, after Charles had given a short speech, said,
'Good job'.
My toes curled.

Why do we always start eating our dinner when 'Bones' is on? They are always cutting up the MOST disgusting cadavres whilst I'm cutting up my food.

Across the road from our house, there is a house which has had red and green Christmas fairy lights up since Thanksgiving. Red and green. They are the old-fashioned energy vampire type. But then this man is barking. I mean he is literally barking. When I took Whisky for his walk the other day, the man was winding two other dogs up by standing on his lawn and barking at them, they were seriously wound up, and their owner was trying to drag them away.

This evening I went for my squishogram. Very efficient, friendly and professional service. Having been through it once now, the whole boob squishing starts much earlier here, so Canadian friends the same age as me have been being squished since they were 40 - I was far more relaxed about it. It really isn't too awful, and I had forgotten that your mind is taken off the discomfort because the technician suddenly says,
'Stop breathing now.'
By the time you've worried about it, the thing's over.


Sleepy said...

Not shaking hands with gloves?
Fecking Colonial types should be grateful they are allowed to touch our future king.
I bet none of them mentions that they are now 'Vaccinated' against Scrofula either!

Schneewittchen said...

Madness isn't it?
I am thinking that Prince Charles could come out here and be trainee King for a while. It would put the Governor General in her place - she recently said that she was head of state here. Before that she ate raw seal's liver. Quite unacceptable. Charles and Camilla would never do that, but they would bring some very good conserves with them.
You'll have to explain about the scrofula. TB?

Sleepy said...

Yeah, a kind of TB of the skin.
But it used to be believed that the touch of the Monarch or just touching a bit of their clothing would cure you!

Schneewittchen said...

Oh! That sounds familiar. And I bet none of the people who shook hands with the Prince of Wales will get scrofula. It should be studied of course, but I bet none do. Which will of course prove it.

Sleepy said...

Heap big magic in that there Prince!