Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bagging It

So, how's this for just not getting it ? Yesterday morning on our National Channel, CBC, there was a news item reporting that, 'visible minorities' are still suffering discrimination, but slightly less. Someone had pointed out that the UN has told Canada that whilst they lauded Canada's record on addressing racism, the term 'visible minorities' was in itself discriminatory and that it should not be used. So CBC report this, but carry on talking about it whilst still using the term. Bumbling idiots! If the UN tell you something's discriminatory, don't fracking carry on doing it! Don't they get how stoopid they are making us look.

Kevin pointed out to me that the so called 'Tea Party' in the United States, a bunch of people passionately dedicated to keeping the undeserving poor in their place, refer to themselves as 'tea-baggers', which is in fact a sexual practice performed by practitioners of BDSM.
Good to know the conservatives, even with a small c, are still doing what they do.

To anyone who thinks that Feminism is redundant now because there are women in top positions (and if you think the gender pay gap down in the trenches is bad enough, you should see how bad it becomes at CEO level - 33 cents on the dollar), I wonder if Obambi and Oprah sit around going, 'pshaw, racism, what racism? We don't need to worry about that old chestnut anymore!'
No, I don't think so either.


Sleepy said...

Tea baggers!

Schneewittchen said...

I'd like to think that they just have no shame, but I fear they simply can't use Google.