Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Thank-you Alex.

So..now we're counting down to the World Cup. (100 days). Which is odd, because in our very own city, the Paralympics are due to start in 10 days.

Two of my friends are at the United Nations Commission on the status of women, in New York. So this is something really good that is going on for gender equality.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, gender equality is being viciously attacked by a person called Fred Phelps, masquerading as a Christian, who thinks he can speak for God, and apparently God hates gay people, which is odd, because Christianity claims that God loves everyone. Somehow, I don't imagine God being much of a fan of Fred Phelps.
And yes, yes, that is a question of gender equality, because the people being attacked ARE being attacked because of their gender. If they were the opposite gender, there wouldn't be a problem with the vitriolic likes of Phelps.

Jamie Oliver is currently displeasing me.

There has been some controversy over the fatwa issued by Tahir ul-Qadri, condemning the actions of Muslim fundies. I can kind of see some of the arguments, and yet I can't help thinking that it has to be a good thing that terrorism is being condemned.


Dawn said...

I like your shoes, Alex!

Gail said...

on another note - this may make you happy. Interestingly, "all thy son's commands" isn't even in the original. When I was in high school, they removed the mention of God but it's since slipped back in.

Schneewittchen said...

Dawn - you will be amazed at Alex's shoes when you come here :)) Immelda had nothing on her.

Gail, it makes me very, very happy indeed, and I will be mentioning it in dispatches :)