Friday, 5 March 2010

Travesty into Treasure

The country is all of a twitter over the Conservative Government's move to change the sexist line in the National Anthem. Both Kevin and Gail have mentioned that it isn't set in stone in any case, when they were at school there were changes made, but no, those who think that The Feminists are out to chop their willies off if the slightest move towards gender equality were to be made are claiming that you can't change tradition.
Well duh.
As I've said many times before, slavery was a tradition once, as was the right to rape and even kill your wife (if you were a man), homophobia was traditional, sending small children up factory chimneys and being fined if you didn't go to church on Sunday.

And then some people, 'don't think it's necessary'. Of course not, they would like female emancipation to be at the individual grace and favour of men, rather that by right.
And to others, I ask this question, if the National Anthem, instead of excluding women by the sole use of the gendered word 'sons', instead excluded people of any skin colour other than white, by in some way saying, or implying that the Canadian norm was white, wouldn't they all be horrified? As well they should. Now tell me what the difference is.

There is an excellent blog post on Womanist Musings about it which is goes further than I have here, by hoping that the change is not just symbolic, and that other measures to close the gender gap will follow or accompany this move. That is, as ever, my hope too.
Sadly, Kevin has warned me that we shouldn't hold our breath even on the language change, it has been raised before in the House and ignored.

I'm not asking a question about this, because there is no question to be asked. The National Anthem has a line in it which is sexist. Sexism is and always has been unacceptable. It needs to change.
Do it.


Sleepy said...

The Daily Nazi has caught hold of that story!

Gail said...

looks like it's not going through. I like the people whose argument is that you shouldn't mess with tradition. "In all thy son's command" isn't even the original line! Others are taking the stance that the Tories are just trying to take attention away from more pressing issues. I guess we'll get to gender equality later...

Schneewittchen said...

Yes, and the fact is, those of us who saw the possibility of a social injustice being addressed, didn't bother to squeal like the misogynists.
The story about references to gay and lesbians being left out of the recent immigration guide, reminds us that there is supposed to be no discrimination here on grounds of sexuality and GENDER! Well, there is, in fact, it is enshrined in the National Anthem.

Sleepy said...

You go!
Whip those Commonwealth types into shape!
Because, at the end of the day, their Anthem IS 'G-d Save The Queen'!!!
Fuck their little colonial songs! OUR Queen is on your money, bitches!
Sing the right song!

AND Harper looks like a child molesting Priest!
Probably takes after his 'real' Father!

'ave it!

Schneewittchen said...

Ah Sleepy! How I love thee mate. You make me look like a moderate:)

Sleepy said...

It's a gift.