Sunday, 28 March 2010

Drop the Sick Donkey

Heron in a tree. At the top of a tree even. Iconic, but what of?

We were supposed to have a donkey to lead the Palm Sunday procession around the church. We had been assured that the donkey was house-trained, although I was sceptical. Sadly, the donkey, named Eeyore, had to cancel, due to pneumonia. Many people were disappointed, me - meh, you've seen one donkey, you've seen 'em all.

Yesterday we turned off everything we could for Earth Hour. Kevin pointed out that we're pretty good about turning lights off when we're not in a room anyway, but we like the idea and the idea that friends around the world were doing it.
Yeah, around the world maybe - in the neighbourhood, not so much.


Sleepy said...

Nothing to dig into the veg patch then!

Dawn said...

The heron? Hope? It's my personal "state bird," a symbol of blessing upon me when I see one...

Janis said...

Sleepy - for some reason I hadn't even thought of the donkey poo implications, just wanting to keep it out of the church.

Dawn - I shall adopt that symbolism. I think you're going to be plenty blessed from seeing herons when you get here!