Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring, Sunday, Milk, Blood.

Turns out yesterday was the first day of spring. It was certainly very springlike, warm (16°) and sunny. Today, not so much. But we went kayaking anyway. Had to get Whisky's sea-legs back. We managed to be out during the one short spell of sunshine, but by the time Alex and Seth were turning round and coming back in, icy rain had started to fall.

It's Sunday. Today's readings and sermon were about Mary pouring oil over Jesus' feet and then wiping them with her hair. Our vicar preached an amazing sermon, she is softly spoken and approaches God with us, whereas when we have a certain other priest, he protects God from us, he interprets God for us. Cheers mate, the whole of Jesus' life and teaching was about anyone being able to approach and understand God.

Margaret showed us Mary's special relationship with Jesus. To me it's another indicator of inclusivity. A man and a woman able to physically interact just in an ordinary, everyday sense. I was struck last week by the inclusivity of the Peace. There were two new congregants, both of an ethnic group that are often Muslim. Recently I had heard two stories of Muslim colleagues refusing to shake hands with women. As I shook the hand of each of these men and wished them peace, it made me realise that here, in church, was a level of inclusivity not always available to all.

Last night we finally watched the film 'Milk'. Wow. Where was I? I remember all the Vietnam War stuff going on throughout my childhood and early teens, but I had no idea of all this horrific homophobia going on in the States. Powerful film. It also struck me how, looking back, it seems unbelievable that the level of homophobia suffered then could have been tolerated, and yet today, we are still seeing human rights issues being fought for just one step forward. You just know that down the road we'll look back and say, 'My God, did people really object to same-sex marriage and anyone let their stupid, backward opinions affect the human rights of others?' Likewise, 'Did people really use to refer to God as 'He' and object to women in the priesthood?' and then we'll chortle at the backwardness of the times.
But we're living through those times.

Ok, have to stop now.
Too much blood of Christ.


Sleepy said...

Crisp-e, The Random one and I celebrated the Vernal Equinox!
We smoked a lot of 'nature'!

Dawn said...

Once all of our shortcomings (homophobia, racial bias, gender inequities) are "fixed", what is left? What will be the last inequity we have to tackle--love toward all? religious differences? Or is there some other issue that hasn't yet risen to the level of controversy?

Schneewittchen said...

Sleepy - you and the gang can always be relied upon!

Dawn - You've set me a real thinking challenge there, but here's my vision.

The first line is on our own western countries. Gender equality to me includes equality for LGBTQ people, so once we have achieved that and racial, age and ability equality, we need to tackle two things which are related and which we need to have been tackling already for many years anyway. Poverty and the Environment.
If we ever get all of these sorted out, we can go forward with the new technologies we will have by then, and populate other planets, probably causing the same problems we have overcome and thought we have put behind us.

Sleepy said...

It'll be Marmite Dawn, whether you love it or hate it.
All wars will be fought in the name of Marmite!

Schneewittchen said...

Hahahaha! It's true! I keep receiving e-mails about the threat of Islam taking us over and clearly the way forward there is Marmite!