Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Birds - they're such show-offs aren't they? Watch the eagles just riding the thermals, do they care about us earth-bound creatures?

At the moment, fortunate creatures that WE are, we have the lovely Ann Coulter visiting our hallowed shores. It's not going so well. Now this is odd, because Canadians on the whole are a patient and forgiving bunch, but Coulter, well she just goes far too far. What has been interesting for her to learn from her visit, if in fact she does have any kind of learning chip installed, is that Freedom of Expression means you're not allowed to incite hatred. Oops. Hatred does seem to be her middle name. She hates Muslims, even the nice ones we have here in Canada. She also hates not being allowed to drivel on in the Universities up here, which leads to outbursts such as her telling the Procter of one of them that, 'this Human Rights stuff is bullshit.'

So, a pretty easy segue to Hitler really. Kevin told me not so long ago, that all forum posts that keep going, eventually get to Hitler, and that's the endgame, after Hitler, it's over.
Yesterday I was reading a blog by Gay people who were against Gay Marriage. Why, they wondered, do people keep forcing it on us? Of course, the first few comments were along the lines of,
'Fuck Yeah, we're butch, we don't take no shit off anyone, booyah!' type of thing. Then there was a sensible one, which basically boiled down to,
'Er, no-one's forcing marriage on anyone, but everyone should have the same rights as everyone else.'
So then,
'Well there are other things THEY should be pushing for instead,'
'There's no reason why all of these rights can't be addressed at the same time,'
Followed by some sort of non-sequitur that I couldn't quite follow, but the sensible commentator could and said,
'That's like when people argue that Hitler was a vegetarian, so vegetarianism makes you evil.'
And that was the end of that, because the whole bloody thing deteriorated into a disorganised rant by all the nutters about how Hitler wasn't vegetarian at all, so therefore all the sensible person's arguments were wrong. Thus, I would say, proving the point.

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Sleepy said...

Godwin's Law!
It's so true! Hitler is invariably mentioned at some point in online discussions.