Thursday, 8 July 2010

Am I hot and bovvered? Hell yeah!

Dawn and I have been doing local stuff for local people. Visiting my wimminz. Oh, and the picturesque city of Richmond. And we have been sweltering. The poor puppy was walked off his little legs and his tongue was panting overtime. At this point I realised that in quaint little Steveston, what was missing was somewhere to just buy a bottle of water. Then I double realised that in quaint little Steveston, nice ladies invite you into their shops WITH your poor, panting puppy and put out a bowl of water for him. He was so tired this evening, another dog walker in the park remarked on what a calm dog he was.
'Not usually,' sez I.

Thank god for A/C. It has been on for 24 hours now and the temperature inside the house has been rendered tolerable.

Tomorrow we do Vancouver. Van-cougar. We're going to go to all the gayest places.


Sleepy said...

Oh yes!
Give my love to The Drive, tell it we'll see it soon!

Schneewittchen said...

I most certainly will!