Friday, 16 July 2010


Now we're in business.
By the time we had found somewhere to eat last night, done so, and then walked back to the hotel, it was almost midnight and by the time we had packed and gone to bed, it was 1, and at 1, it seems, the sky is almost, but not quite, dark. We'd had to set our alarms for 4am, and so effectively got three hours' sleep, yeah, yeah, I know, believe you me, you have my sympathy those for whom three hours would be a good night.

But the Alaskan Railroad trip from Anchorage to Seward was a different kettle of glaciers. Finally, Dawn and I had found our wow factor, just jaw-dropping, extreme beauty. The journey was also not as long. We had checked our bags in at Anchorage and they were taken straight to the ship, so when we got off the train at Seward, we were able to walk to the liner and check ourselves in.

I kept offering my NEXUS card instead of my passport, but they'd never seen one, and didn't even seem impressed when I told them that Homeland Security themselves had scanned my retinae and fingerprinted me thoroughly. They told me the problem was the Canadians who insisted on a passport. At this point, I let it drop.

Our cabin is nowhere near as titchy as we'd both imagined, and it's very nicely laid out. Internet access however, is not cheap, so I will only be reading and replying to Kevin's e-mails, so for anything important, please get in touch with him and I won't be checking Facebook.

Tomorrow we will be cruising. You could eat yourself stupid on one of these things, should the inclination take you, but my personal goal is to not have to get up at 5 tomorrow.
Rock and roll.

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