Sunday, 25 July 2010

Inside Passage

Ah the luxury of all-you-can-use Broadband.

On Wednesday evening, round about 21.00, we sailed into Canadian waters. This didn't stop anyone from talking about us still being in Alaska, but my Canadian phone immediately changed back to Pacific Standard Time and intermittently, it was showing the name of my Canadian service provider. I managed to ring Kevin.

All day Thursday, we cruised through the most beautiful part of the whole trip, the northern parts of BC and down through the Queen Charlotte strait to the Johnstone strait - known as the 'Inside Passage'. Yes, I know. But then that's not the worst thing. I come home to find out that Kev now has a 'frequent beaver' card. Should I be worried? We'll get you one Sleepy, never fear, all we have to do is eat at the Flying Beaver.

Friday morning, we were home, well, I was. We docked in Vancouver at roughly 7am, but my slot for getting off the ship was 9.45, since I didn't have a plane to catch.

Overall, a lot of food for thought. The most important part for me was being able to spend time with my friend of 42 years, Dawn, but seeing Alaska was a privilege too.


Sleepy said...

Oh Yes! I NEED one of those cards!

Schneewittchen said...

It shall be done :)