Monday, 12 July 2010

And so.....

...we have arrived in Seattle. Hohum. We had booked a hotel room through hotwire, since our flight leaves so early tomorrow, and we had booked a room with twin beds. Ahhhh...but in Seattle, same-sex is standard, so we told our room had a king-sized bed. We changed that. We went up to our room. We put the credit card thingy in the door, we threw the bedroom door open....and clearly it was occupied. We went 'huh!' Then we went 'huh' again. We shut the door. We re-grouped. We prepared to go downstairs and remonstrate, but then the receptionist who had given us the keys caught up with us. I felt that, given the situation, her embarrassment was far too mild. But whatevs. It's Seattle.

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Sleepy said...

I've been walked in on by people like you!