Tuesday, 6 July 2010


The Static comes with its own flagpole, presumably so that one can show allegiance to one's own flag.
Personally, I favour the Jolly Roger, sadly however, this has been well and truly spoilt for me by a neighbour of Kev's parents, who flies the Jolly Roger plus a truckload of other jolly stuff everytime he is at his Static. He also has a cutlass and a parrot, ooh ar Jim-lad. I think we get yer drift my hearty.

My second choice is the flag of the European Union, although you have to keep updating that according to how many member states there are at any given time.
I'm waiting for Greece to be chucked out.

The Fleur-de-Lys of Québec also appeals, just to be contrary really.

Apparently the Queen has her own Canadian standard which she used to fly when in Canada even before the Maple Leaf was thought of, but flying that might be one of those things you can still technically be executed for, like making knickers from the Union Flag; High Treason is still punishable by death.

The other thing is, I think Brownies and Guides has over-complicated flag flying for me. I'm sure it was really important to know how to properly fold a flag and even which knots were appropriate in its furling and unfurling, and there was certainly a lot of hoisting and slowly un-hoisting whilst singing Taps, but I don't ever remember any attaching. Still, how difficult can it be? I can probably google it.

At present, our flagpole needs painting and the only thing being run up it are a whole slew of bird feeders, baths and general feathered friend paraphernalia.
Maybe a pair of stout grandma drawers might be just the thing to show my pride, or maybe there's a Pride flag to show solidarity.

So long as there are no red flags.


Sleepy said...

The Royal Standard... 'Three Lions on a flag'...
I will get you an 'I Love Albert Road Day' Flag!
Fuck 'em and their 'patriotic' shit ....
We can take it to 'STREET' level!

You will fly fucking Horse Brasses before you fly anything remotely Frenchist!
I will bring the Horse Brasses! I promise...
A line has to be drawn....

Schneewittchen said...

Well, I was thinking maybe a Welsh dragon, but mainly because I like dragons. Or perhaps an English rose, like the old labour party flag. But I'm certainly taken by the 'I love Albert Road' idea.

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