Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sac Magique!

Denali National Park.

When I got back from Alaska, the foliage had disappeared from the spud bags, yep, not just died back, entirely vanished. I didn't have time to sulk straight away, so I put it off until today. Now, Sleepy's instructions were very thorough and included the dying back of foliage, but not the total disappearance thereof.

The spuds I had in the cupboard were starting to sprout, so, nil desperandum, I decided I'd start again and hopefully the second lot would be more successful.

But I hadn't realised that the spud bags really are magic. There, hiding in the soil were a whole set of brand new little potatoes. I think I like this spud game more than any other garden magic.
I've planted some more anyway, and so far, I've only looked in one bag.


Austen said...

I had exactly the same thing with the foliage - such a pain, but someone at work told me to leave the potatoes in the bag. They have now swelled to the big end of the new potato spectrum...

Schneewittchen said...

Aha! Well, there are still the other three bags, so I'll leave them.

Sleepy said...

I've never known the foliage to die away completely.
Just die back a bit after flowering.
Could it be due to variety??