Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sushi Day

I'm avoiding my stairs, which have become a dirt magnet during my absence. Or...they're always a dirt magnet, but right now, they're fully attracting.

Yesterday had a kind of a sushi theme. Kevin has had a heavy cold for a few days and I collected him from work early afternoon. He did what anyone does when they're ill, he watched mindless TV from the comfort of the bed. At one point, I came upstairs, and there was a programme on about cakes. There was a sushi boat made out of cake. I really couldn't get the point of this, I mean, I can understand why you would make a boat out of cake, even I would find cake preferable to wood as a means of sustenance, but sushi? I don't see sushi as a meal, but it's certainly a tasty snack, and I'd take it over cake any day.

In the evening, M had bought a big tray of sushi for writers' group, and R read a story that was sushi themed. And I won the 'who wants to take the rest of the sushi home?' competition and thus, have been stuffing myself with sushi.
I do love me some wasabi, it clears the sinuses out better than a spoonful of Coleman's.

It's very hot here, and I'm missing the cooler temperatures of Alaska.

When we were in Denali, travelling through the National Park in a coach - although more of a bus really, the driver told us that a passenger had once asked him what they do with the animals at night.
We didn't ever let that one lie, we applied it to everything - what do they do with the orcas at night? But I guess it was a trick question. There is no night. Perhaps the person meant what did they do with the animals in the winter. Jeez, don't people watch cartoons?

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