Wednesday, 4 February 2009


No sign of Boris this morning, so throughout the day, I careful emptied my boots when changing from shoes, felt inside the puppets, checked everywhere warm. We decided he must have got outside and thus, perished. Alas poor Boris, we knew him .... meh, how well can you know a snake?

The whole Boris fiasco did however provoke a philosophical discussion at work, whether 'tis better to die or to be incarcerated. My view was that Boris was probably better off gently succumbing to hypothermia than spending another 15 or so years in a glass tank, but I was alone in that thought.

This morning, I noticed an old news article from last year in a local paper. It was about the LGBT community in Richmond - not very obvious as communities go, I must say, but in this article I noticed they had tagged on another bunch of people. I mean personally, I would have thought that Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender, pretty much covered everything, but apparently not the 'Two-Spirited'. Hmmm....well, it turned out that the Two-Spirited are the Gay and Lesbian Aboriginal community. I do have tremendous respect for them coming out. We have so many ethnic communities here who still refuse to believe they have any non-hets. And one of the perfectly acceptable het activities for some of these is wife-beating.
One of these gay-free communities in Richmond is the Chinese one, of whom thousands apparently protested same-sex marriage, including both the Conservative and Liberal candidates.
The Liberal, and former MP, Raymond Chan, also protested Human Rights Violations in China. Isn't there something wrong with that? Liberal, protests human rights violations in another country but is OK with them here. Just saying.

Meanwhile, I noticed on the BBC website, that Papal Infallibility is not what it once was. Adolphe Benedict the 13th has had to accept that it was a bit of a bungle to un-excommunicate one of its Bishops who denies the Holocaust - which in my view should be perfectly sufficient grounds for being certified insane.
Angela Merkel was gobsmacked,

"This is not just a matter, in my opinion, for the Christian, Catholic and Jewish communities in Germany but the Pope and the Vatican should clarify unambiguously that there can be no denial," she said.

Just before home time, Boris fetched up outside the toilet. He seemed dazed and confused, but none the worse for his Big Adventure.

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