Sunday, 22 February 2009


There really must be something going on with the planets today.
I witnessed a bit of subversion elsewhere today, but that's not for here.

In a 'suburb of Vancouver' there was a rally, a protest against gang violence. Yes, it's been bad of late, but a protest? The gang members will, I'm sure now stop doing what they're doing. Or...maybe the police will now try to stop it, like they never thought of that before.

We watched the film 'Paschendaele' this wet, Sunday afternoon. It was interesting, a good, Canadian film marking a Canadian campaign and victory, but there was a very cheesy scene where Paul Gross goes out through the mud of the trenches (Calgary) to recover his friend who has been blown out of a trench in such a way that he appears to have been crucified.
The Germans recognise the symbolism and stop firing while Gross carries the cross on his back, weighed down by injury and by the cross itself. He stops and looks at the camera in the way that the stations of the cross are always depicted. Cheesy and yet so powerful.
I cried.

I am, not unexpectedly, disappointed that yet again, a female politician has been passed over in favour of a male one. In the Israeli elections, Tzipi Livni won one more seat than Ben Netanyahu and yet it is he who has been called upon to form a government because.....he has the support of the right wing and religious parties. So yeah, let's not have change, let's not have a woman who has already shown herself to be a firebrand on the international stage. They're still talking. And I'm still watching.

Anyone notice that Obambi's a left-hander?
Just saying is all.


Sleepy said...

Bibi is a worry and you are right to keep an eye on him.
Tzipi, as a woman, would never have been supported by the religious.
Let's hope she keeps them all "Honest".

Yep, I clocked the Lefty.

Sleepy said...

It's not the planets, it's the Lulin Comet!

Schneewittchen said...

That is my hope for her too. She's very clever too. Aha, the Lulin Comet huh, I like this theory, it's still coming and I'm still thinking there's some'at going on....