Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Riders on the Storm

A storm front split the sky this afternoon, behind it, grey and threatening, before it, blue and beckoning.
And then, three eagles, circling, riding the stormclouds.

In the pond, motionless, two frogs, at first it seemed like the first of the season, but then we realised they were motionless in a sort of a....dead kind of way. And in fact they were dead. One had no eyes. The ice had melted on that part of the pond and the bodies must have floated to the surface.


Sleepy said...

Does that mean the frogs in my bucket pond will have died when it froze?
I thought they kind of slowed their systems down in the winter.

PS.. Ikea opened in Southampton today!

Schneewittchen said...

No, not necessarily, the frogs turn into 'frogsicles' - their body fluid is replaced with a glycol-like substance and they appear to freeze. I've no idea what happened with these two, but their bodies were probably trapped beneath the ice.

GREAT news on Ikea - although Sue and I were hoping for an 'Ikea Express' (like Tesco Express), on Rue Albert.