Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snakes - but not on a Plane.

Bloody Aquarius. Can't trust it, fecking air sign. Not that I like to wish life away, but roll on Pisces.

We lost a snake today. It escaped and we couldn't catch it. As I left we hadn't recovered it, so could be interesting in the morning, but most likely, that snake will die. The native ones are hibernating right now.

Britain is snowed in it seems. Mayhem was closed yesterday, yep, actually closed. I never had that experience the whole time I was there. Austen sent me an audio file of the kids telling me about their snow, I must check that feature out on my laptop.

Our neighbour, the one who blocked up the firelane and parked in front of our garage with two cars and then babbled at me in Chinese, has complained about our compost bin. He says that it's 'an illegal shed'. He didn't do it in any acceptable way, just pinned a notice by the mailboxes.

Why has Steve Martin been allowed to make another Pink Panther film? I mean, Steve Martin - lot of people like him, Pink Panther movies - fabbo when Peter Sellers did them, but put the two together and somehow - it just does not work.


Gail said...

My old roommate had a burmese python who occasionally escaped from its terrarium. I think looking for a snake in your house (especially a 6 foot long one) is one of the weirdest experiences. You want to find it, yet you don't. Even when you know you're looking for a snake, it's still an unpleasant surprise when you do find it. Best hiding place it found was wrapped around the hanger rod in her wardrobe.

Sleepy said...

I would now be at war with the Chinese neighbour.
The Gathers would be 'phoned each time he was in the firelane.
Park outside the garage? I'd stab one tyre and let down another.
Let's see if you have 2 spares in the boot you twat.

As for the chuntering away in 'gibberish'?
Out would come the Germish! Everything sounds aggressive and threatening in Germish!

Schneewittchen said...

Gail - I know what you mean about wanting to find it and yet not and I'm sure that as soon as I'm not actively looking for it, it'll turn up somewhere I don't want it to be.

Sleepy - I think the ridiculous note is in response to one informing everyone that anyone parked in a fire lane will be immediately towed. The Germish is a good idea though since yer right, it does sound aggressive.

Sleepy said...

Get a photo of the note!
It might be worth a post on the passive/aggressive note site.

Schneewittchen said...

There is such a thing? Oh yes, I think you sent it to me before. Then I shall most certainly do that!