Saturday, 7 February 2009

Pink Planet

17.35 and still light out. Not light enough to type by, but I can still make out the mountains. The lights on the piste are twinkling. Why do they do that I wonder? Lights twinkling at you are very enticing, and I could have been up there today at a conference - free lunch and snow-shoeing, but I only found out about it Thursday and I had so been looking forward to my Saturday morning lie-in.

Yesterday evening's 'carnaval' was surprisingly enjoyable. The atmosphere was lively, the temperature was cold, the smell of hamburgers was tantalising, and unlike last year, I had quite a few people stop by, a number of whom spoke French to me. all made for a long day.
What a wimp I've become to whinge about one long day when no-one in particular either threw anything or shouted any abuse at me.

Does your list ever get done? I seem to always have something lingering at the end of mine. It's not always the most tedious job either, it might be something I have to remember to find a staqmp for, or bring up a hammer for, or some small detail that just stops me from completing, but there has to be a mental block involved somehow. If Kevin ever has something to do he just gets on with it, gets everything out that he needs to complete it and doesn't leave anything to just 'brew'.

Last night, my activity at the event involved some colouring in of the planet Earth. I had carefully..oh alright, semi-carefully, coloured my example blue and green. But all the boys seemed to want it to be blocked in dark blue or black or scribbled in brown, whilst the girls almost all favoured a pink planet. And that reminded me of how our thinking had changed, and it had to go through that stage in order to change.
Before, we would have tried to encourage the girls to use colours other than pink, now we stop ourselves and acknowledge that there's nothing wrong with pink or indeed anything 'girly'.

A Pink Planet. Imagine.
I do believe there's already a TV show called that, in fact I've seen it.


Sleepy said...

A pink planet?
I'm a tad worried!

Schneewittchen said...

Ack, how could it possibly be worse?

Kevin said...

Pink Planet was a TV show that highlighted destination spots for gay and lesbian tourists. It was presented by Bill Mantas when he was part of cityTV: