Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dal and the Art of Shopping

One thing that always bothered me about the starship Enterprise was how they managed without TV. But now, I kind of get it. Suddenly, there is too much. Overload. And there is SO much that it's difficult to plough through it and find what is worth watching and what is sucking up your time like a vampire sucks the lifeblood from you - only without the sexual aspect.
I'm sorry the L-Word's ending though. They have explored some really interesting angles. The current storyline with Max is very thought-provoking. I'll miss les girls, just not Jenny.

The turf war continues unabated. This morning, the talk on the radio is about 'Propmasters' who are licensed to bring guns into Canada. Apparently, film prop guns have to be real ones, which the propmasters then modify so that they shoot blanks, and somehow the crims get hold of them and modify them back again.
Hey ho.

What IS it? Why, just because I have two large bags of lentils in my shopping trolley, but I've got them from the Indian food section, so they say 'Dal' and a large packet of turmeric, do people think it's reasonable to address me, a complete, but rather blonde and fair-skinned stranger, in some Indian sub-continent language? How does that work ? Eventually my shrugging elicited some complaint in English or English-ish, about the price of 2% milk. This I get. I am quite used to people in Superstore coming up and asking me things, ridiculous things, reasonable things, outlandish things and just...things.

Canada awaits the arrival of Obambi. He'll be in Ottawa tomorrow. Apparently we're excited about this. Apparently we love him more than we love Stephen Harper. Meh. Neither of them's Hillary.


Sleepy said...

Immortals, are like Hillary's... 'There Can Be Only One'.

Schneewittchen said...

Wise words my friend, wise words :)

Anonymous said...

The women on the TWOP forum hate the Max story - it does seem to tick off the lesbians.