Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Today is a Bank Holiday - Canada Day and unlike the USA's Independence Day, ours is about a union rather than a separation. The British North America Act of the 1st of July 1867 saw Canada created as a country of four unified Provinces.
A rather confused bus went past us yesterday, with its electronic sign reading 'Happy Holidays' which frankly, is code for Christmas.

In personal terms, far more importantly than Canada Day, my daughter Alex gained a good honours degree in English with American Studies from one of the country's most prestigious universities, and we're all very proud of her. My own Bachelor's degree is in French with Philosophy, so I found it quite fascinating reading her draft dissertation, it gave an insight into the literature of the southern states of the USA that I had no knowledge of.
I'm always chuffed to little mintballs when I learn stuff from my kids - not an infrequent occurrence.

I see that British grande dame of sitcom, Molly Sugden has died. One reason this seems bizarre is that she was pre-deceased by another grande dame of British acting, Wendy Richards, who played the young sexpot in 'Are You Being Served?' to Sugden's middle-aged frustrated spinster, who constantly referred to her pussy. Just for laffs you understand.

This page has a video of the building and burning of the Ghost Ship to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Naughty King Hal's coronation. Alex says it was phenomenal, not her exact words, but that was the impression.
Crazy, crazy, Pompey and King Harry would have been made for each other, if only he hadn't stood and watched the pride of his fleet, the Mary Rose, sink into the Solent.

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Excellent video!

Congratulations to Alex.