Thursday, 30 July 2009

Swelter Shelter

The heat kept most of the household awake, in spite of the ac and fans. Yesterday was the hottest day in Vancouver`s recorded history, they told us, but then today, a new record was set.

Today we pottered. We couldn`t do much more than potter, frankly. We went to the blueberry farm and bought blueberries. We went to the church where I signed things. We went to the Liquor Store where Austen bought beer, then Chapters, then Superstore. This evening, Kevin made Philly cheese steaks and I took Alex and Sue to Bard on the Beach to see Othello.

All of which seems somewhat pedestrian, in comparison to what continues to be endured by Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The verdict in her trial has now been delayed until 11th August. She has been under house arrest for 14 years, basically on the grounds of having won an election democratically, and being pro-democracy. Tut, tut. She is currently being tried because an American supporter swam across the lake surrounding her home, to warn her that he had had a vision that she was going to be assassinated.
So after 14 years of house arrest, she could be sent to prison for five years for something someone else did.

A new and much younger and fresher voice in the blogosphere, is that of my daughter Alex at 'Where to go from here...?' She's a woman with perception and vivacity, so I'm fairly sure she'll work it out.
Better go and collect her from Othello.

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