Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Evil

On the one hand, sportsperson Tiger Woods - are we fed up with that waste of space yet? Gets more coverage than theatre makeup.
On the other, Martina Navratilova courageously sharing news of her illness so that other women will think about getting screening, gets less, not none, but by no means wall-to-wall.

And how much news coverage has vile blot on humanity Eugene Terreblanche had? Yet now that he has been brutally murdered in his bed, it doesn't sit right somehow, as though we should expect better of those he himself brutalised and persecuted.
But why?
Would it have been better had he been legally put to death? Not really, we all get marred by that. And no-one could argue it wasn't justified.
The suffragettes in Britain had to resort to minor acts of terrorism in order to even get their case heard.
And what of the rest of us? What have we done to combat the likes of Eugene Terreblanche? Did our refusal to buy South African goods and our righteous indignation really help to rid the country of Apartheid?
Well maybe it did.
I'd wager that if right-minded people hadn't performed whatever small piece of resistance they could, then apathy would have kept Apartheid in place.

In more uplifting news, Alex now writes a column for the Richmond News. Her first one appeared today. She is fearful that it lacks value, but I have told her that she must trust her editor, trust her contact journalist, just trust their judgement.
Oh, and mine, of course.

In my absence, Gordon has called an election. I now have to register to vote. Home thoughts from abroad. Even with me Gordon may not prevail, but without me, he is doomed.
I hope he realises that.


Raymond's Brain said...

Awesome for Alex!
She has a clear voice and a great angle for the paper, looking at Richmond. Even mentioning the writing group! Impressive.

Sleepy said...

Whoo Hoo! Nice one Alex!

I actually cheered when I heard Terreblanche was dead.
Then was gob-smacked when no one I was with at the time had heard of him!
Not even Crisp-e.

Anonymous said...

nice writing, Alex!

Anonymous said...

nice writing, Alex!

Schneewittchen said...

Thank-you both, on Alex's behalf :)

Sleepy - they must all be repressing the memory, I wish I could block out that man's horrid pig-face and his vitriolic abuse of his countryfolk.