Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Usual stuff. We pre-empted the inevitable snake questions. Mattered not.

'Any snakes here?'
'Where are they?'
'Oh, pretty much everywhere,'
'Any poisonous ones?'
'Any dangerous ones?'
'Any rattlesnakes?'
'Nope, not in this part of BC,'
'Just gardener snakes then,'
'Garter snakes, yep, just them,'
'So, gardener snakes, right, the worst they can do is choke you,'
'Only if you try to eat one,'
'What? You can eat gardener snakes?'

There is the most SUPERB article by Gary Younge on the Graun's webbie, 'Republicans are like frat boys in "Animal House".

"The Republican party, in particular, and American conservatism in general, have taken to operating in a similar manner to the Delta fraternity – increasingly reckless, anarchic and strident. Faced with defeat they respond with desperation. "

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