Sunday, 18 April 2010

Volcanic Eruptions

You couldn't make this stuff up. My ex-husband, the kids' father, came over to take Laurence on a trip to the States. They came back late Wednesday and he was due to depart very early Friday morning. And the rest I don't need to tell. He is of course, now stranded here for at least a week, due to the Icelandic volcano.

Kev and I went down to the States for the weekend. We vegged out and watched some films that Kev had put on his laptop, and local TV. 'Hurt Locker' was a great film. Not so long ago, we watched 'Inglorious Basterds', and that was brilliant too. The local TV in Washington State however, seemed to consist of wall-to-wall old films, and....David Attenborough's 'Life'. Only it seemed to no longer belong to David Attenborough, but rather had been voice-overed by Oprah Winfrey. Now god knows that I am all for the woman's voice on TV and film, but seriously, instead of DAVID ATTENBOROUGH????? Fortunately, Canadians can deal with the English accent and the original is shown on our TV.


Sleepy said...

Jeez! That's... Um.. Unfortunate.
I loved Inglourious Basterds too. I thought Brad Pitt was great, as much as that erks me!

Schneewittchen said...


Brad Pitt has never irked me as Tom Cruise does, owing to the fact that Pitt can actually act. I also thought it was great that the acting in general in that film was superb because Tarantino used the cream of European actors. Well done QT.

Sleepy said...

Tom Cruise???
Don't even get me started on that fucking nonsense!