Monday, 12 April 2010


Kev has been bloody horribly ill all weekend. He has a bug that has been doing the tour of his office. Nonetheless, he has fitted a new hard drive in my laptop, and recovered my documents and various other vital stuff from the old one. Normal service will be restored forthwith.
Yay verily, the computer god at the Schloss is male. His name is Kev.


Pep Cougar said...


Karemay said...

Send him my way pleeeease! My own IT Guru has been busy with DIY and sailing that he hasn't even got round to looking at my PC.

Kevin said...

Karen, more economical to send your pc here. Plus, if I keep coughing, they won't let me on the plane.

Pep, if yer gonna do that, aim away from the computer as I won't be fixing any more for a while ;)

Schnee, happy to have you back online (what ever would we do if you weren't?!?)

Karemay said...

It would probably be quicker seding it to you Kevin than waiting for Steve! While I'm without mine, I'm using Steve's note book.
Look forward to chatting sometime soon Jan, hope the job is going well!