Saturday, 3 April 2010


Maria Desolata. Not really desolata enough, but then, that's women for you, deep, disconsolate pain, but, stiff upper lip. When we weep, we feel embarrassed about it, we feel weak, but it's not our weakness, it's our strength, this ability to feel deeply and to weep.

Good Friday was not so good, the weather was very bad-tempered, gale-force winds, icy cold and torrential rain. Apart from that it was fine. Or maybe meh, yep, it was more meh really.

Alex and Laurence's dad has arrived to take Laurence off on a trip to Dallas and New York, yes, the ultimate British tourists.

We are watching Eve Ensler giving the Vagina Monologues, in some odd way, appropriate after the Holy Saturday vigil.


karemay said...

Happy Easter Janis. xxx

Schneewittchen said...

Happy Easter to you and Steve too Karen:))