Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Our boy Seth is the kind of man that many other men would like to be. He is tall, athletic and ridiculously good-looking (to quote the looks guru Derek Zoolander). Now, were you an advertising person, you might like to pose the Seth-lar, say, cutting wood, to enhance the old standard of masculinity. Maybe he'd be tanned from a few days' outdoor work.
This afternoon, this is the scene you might have come upon at Seth's place of work.
Enter a posse of drossie. Male dross that is.

'That's some job you've got there,' calls out one,
'Tell me about it,' says the Seth, continuing with his task,
'Good thing you're still at school,' says twonk-face,
'I'm not,' says our man, still working,
'Perhaps you'd better go back,' sniggers the chucklehead, soon joined by his co-morons.

When he told me about this, I pointed out that the bloke didn't actually mean school, he meant university.

Not that the likes of these can read, but let's imagine they could and that they drifted onto the blog. Make a sentence out of these words gentlemen,

'pigshit; fucking; thick as'.

Of course you can't do it! It's a trick! You can't make a sentence without a verb, and in the absence of an auxiliary, 'fucking' is clearly being used as a gerundive.
See what I did there?
Out-pillocked them.


Sleepy said...

What wankers!
I'd take 1 Seth over 4 of them with their 'School' Education.
Arseholes! That's really wound me up for some reason.
Probably because I think of Seth like I do Jordy & Neil!

Schneewittchen said...

I know - and it's something you don't come across so often here, where they seem to be less snobby than us in general and actually really value the kind of craft and work skills Seth has.