Friday, 23 April 2010

Hospitals and Hockey

Friday. Went to visit my friend in the hozzie after work. She hardly knew. The hozzie is right down the street from Swiss Chalet, my fave chicken. But then I also had to go to L.A. chicken, because that's Kevin's fave. Waiting for the order, I opened the Richmond News and there was Alex's column, pride, buzz.

The Canucks are in the playoffs. Wishing Sleepy were here.

Stupidity. Why do we allow the krazy kristians to stop the sensible people doing stuff?
In Ontario, the scientists and the people who know, updated the sex education curriculum, they thought this would be a good idea.

Doesn't seem too revolutionary,
"Grade 1 children were to be taught to identify genitalia — among other body parts — using the correct word, such as penis, vagina and testicle.

In Grade 5, children were to be taught to identify parts of the reproductive system and describe how the body changes during puberty.

In Grade 7, the plan was to teach kids how to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV."

But the Church of the Poisoned Mind decided otherwise, I mean, far better to let kids learn about sex from TV. Not.


Sleepy said...

I am WISHING I was there!
I am missing my 'Hockery' with Kev avec Home Brew and healthy Sledging!
I am missing seeing Alex first thing in the morning with her strange coffee concoction and experimental cookery!
I am missing Seth's 'easiness' and smiling acceptance as lunacy and madness reign!
I am missing Larry P emerging with a grin, a sentence guaranteed to start a debate and occasional 'Family Jewel' viewing.
I am even missing the 'Gruffalo' and his 'Great Dane' Complex. (Like the Napoleon one but for little canines)
Most of all, I miss you my friend.

Schneewittchen said...


Sleepy said...

Stop it!!