Tuesday, 27 May 2008


When I wake up, I go down and make the coffee then come back upstairs and turn the TV on to watch half an hour of the local news and weather. Yesterday morning, the traffic chopper was following a stolen truck, huge great thing, careering up the main road, barely missing oncoming traffic, kept doing U-turns, went up onto the median, slowed then sped up and this went on for over half an hour. Finally the truck stopped and a man got out and ran, at which point one of the eight police cars surrounding him, went after him and ran him over.
It was bizarrely compulsive viewing.
It later transpired that the man had been naked when he stole the truck, seems he stole a pair of overalls at the same time, and was nutty as a fruit cake.

For the past two days it has been hot. And as such, more nature is happening. Today I saw the first red dragonflies, the Cardinal Meadowhawks and the less pretty, but more robust skimmers.
The frogs were also chorusing, the green frogs sound like broken banjos. On one of the trails the strange, alien slime mold had appeared. It has to be the most artificial-looking colour in nature, and the overall appearance is of a brightly coloured pot of playdough that has been spilt.

Nature is strange, like this experiment with cornflour.

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Sleepy said...

Annie The Frog is still missing from my garden!