Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I'm breaking in a new laptop. Before, I have only bought a new computer when the previous one had given up the ghost, which is a bad, bad strategy, because it means you end up going out on a Sunday afternoon in desperation and buying the only one on sale in the area that your credit card will stand.
This time, the old one has been limping for some time, every so often playing possum and then, I feel, mostly due to the computer magic of the household electronics wizard, it has been coaxed back to life, so we have been doing a fair bit of looking around, waiting for a good deal.
Yesterday, such a deal came up. Now I have time to computer potter. Shift my bookmarks, settings, addresses and such like. Of course, that's still a chore.

Here in BC, another foot has washed ashore. C'mon people, FOUR dismembered feet? Is ANYONE working on this? This is becoming more mysterious than crop circles, well, not quite but, you know.

At the Nature Park, we have a camera on the nest of an American Robin. It's quite compulsive reality TV. The robin sits and looks almost cross-eyed and then, somewhen in the early afternoon, she lays an egg, then goes off for a snack or feather fluff or whatever. So far, we have two eggs in the nest, they often lay five over a course of as many days, so we wait...and watch.

There is also a mystery rash of beautiful, miniature, delicate powder blue butterflies, 'Spring Azures'. They had apparently disappeared from the Park, now they're back.

The dragonflies have hatched over the past week. We had seen a few damselflies, but now their bigger rellies are zapping around. I will still never manage to get a good picture of one, but I will also still keep trying.
Today, a few mayflies bouncing on the surface tension of the water, blue, ephemeral fairies.


Sleepy said...

Some of the Dragonflies don't start showing themselves until June..
That's here. Maybe different for you.

Schneewittchen said...

Well, I'm only seeing the blue ones at the moment, the red ones maybe hatch later.