Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mad Cow

My god, how quickly the light can change and all the trivia of life that delight or annoy can seem shadowy and irrelevant.

One of the people who works with the Nature Park Society, the one that could always be relied upon to turn out and keep me company at the annoying 'special events', a woman whose presence can literally brighten a room, some while ago wondered if, like Denny Crane, she was in the early stages of Alzheimers.
There was precedent in her family.
She consulted the doctor and, again like Denny Crane, she underwent a battery of cognitive tests. It was felt that she probably was indeed paddling in the shallow waters of the disease.

In March she suffered a stroke, and when things didn't seem to be getting any better, was admitted to a recovery facility where therapists would work with her, therapists who have a high level of success in rehabilitating stroke victims.

Except....it wasn't a stroke and it wasn't Denny's 'Mad Cow'. She has an inoperable brain tumour.
How...the...feck...can such an appalling thing happen to someone so wonderful?
My god.


Sleepy said...

Mate, that's bloody awful.
I will remember her in my prayers.

Schneewittchen said...

Thanks. And yes, it is just awful. She's in palliative care until the end, which strikes me as also rather horrid, never able to go home, being somewhere strange until you die.

Sleepy said...

You've got to break her out!!
You and the Nature Park Posse could go and rescue her for the day.