Friday, 23 May 2008

Cutting the Mustard

It seems the Dalek Llama is worried about the Chinese settling in Tibet and 'diluting' Tibetan culture.
Well, see, I don't see that as much of a worry really. I mean, tis not like we're talking of flooding the area with women-and-gay hating Taliban is it? We have quite a few Chinese living right here in Richmond, in fact you could say that our Anglo culture is diluted by half, and really, although it bugs me that the official language (French) is ignored in favour of Cantonese and Mandarin, in general - meh - and frankly, the longer they live here, the more Canadian they become. Some would say, in any case, for 'dilute' read 'enrich'.

My eye was drawn to the Guardian's Food Blog, mainly because of the photo of a jar of Marmite illustrating it. They had asked chefs what their store-cupboard essentials were and there turned out to be three things they all agreed on, Maldon Sea Salt, De Cecco pasta and mustard, although there wasn't any agreement on which mustard. Not much agreement in our house either. Kevin's essential mustard is Dijon (Maille) mine is good old Coleman's English. Mustard that makes yer eyes water, splendid.

For some reason, I received in the post, a copy of SkyNews, not the satellite company's magazine, but rather the Canadian Stargazer's and Astronomy journal. Not ENTIRELY sure how I've rattled their cage, brought myself to their attention, but I figure it must have something to do with my subscription to New Scientist.

My friend Canadian Karen is not a big fan of Canadian TV. I on the other hand, love it. A series we have been catching up on recently is 'Rent-a-Goalie'. Like much Canadian comedy in my opinion, it has that dry quirkiness that British series have. Sadly, I doubt this one'll ever even make it to the Paramount Comedy Channel in Britain.


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy Canadian documentaries - CBC's The Passionate Eye for example. The Fifth Estate, a news show, is also very good.
- Canadian Karen

Sleepy said...

I'm still waiting for 'Little Mosque' and 'Corner Gas'!

Schneewittchen said...

No kidding! It would be a shame if Canadian TV was only represented in Europe by Trailer Park Boys and Cold Squad, although those were both brilliant.

I'll look out for those progs CK.