Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Part of coastal BC, further north, is temperate rainforest.
Today, and according to the forecast, tomorrow, feels like rainforest right here. This morning was warm and rainy. Brilliant. Loving it. But as the day wore on, the rain became heavier and the temperature seemed to drop somewhat, either that, or I was so wet from repeatedly dragging groups of kids outside in it that it just felt that way.

'What meat do you like to eat?' I always ask the groups while explaining their own food chain.
'Pigs,' said one this morning.
'Ham,' said one this afternoon.
'What animal does ham come from?' I asked,
'Mostly from pigs,' he said,
'Er....always from pigs,' said I,
'And wolves,' said another kid,
'They're messing with me,' I thought,
'Well, only if the pigs try to blow the wolves' houses down, then they might get eaten and the wolf might taste a bit porky,' I played along, but this wasn't where he was going,
'Just wolves,' he said.
Hmmmm.....moving on.....

Having mentioned Seinfeld on Sunday, I was astonished to read in the Guardian that it had never caught on in the UK. I mean, what?
It seemed to be on TV continually for about five years. Everyone I knew watched it, or had watched it, or at least knew what it was.

In the just-outside-the-window rainforest, activity was frenetic. Warblers, hummingbirds, and squirrels in perpetual motion.
Towards the end of the afternoon, a black squirrel slipped off the roof above our office, it fell past our window and ended up clinging to a woefully skinny white flowering currant. The squirrel's fur was wet and bedraggled, it looked surprised and we all laughed at its predicament, well, we smiled at any rate.

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Sleepy said...

Have to admit that I have never watched Seinfeld.
Caught 5 minutes here and there but it didn't make me laugh.