Thursday, 29 May 2008

Love and Hate in a Cold Climate

A sudden and unexpected drop in temperature gave me a higher energy level today. What ho!

I never thought that I was the only person who hated Jeremy Clarkson, far from it in fact. Generally, anyone who is as unremittingly sexist, homophobic and racist as he is, not to mention anti-environment, is likely to be disliked by a wide range of people. But no-one sums up his loathsomeness quite as well as Kate Smurthwaite on the F-Word blog. Sharon Stone isn't allowed to even mention karma in the same sentence as China and Tibet, but the Chinese State News Agency is allowed to describe her as 'The Public enemy of all mankind'. Ho-hum, well, not in my book. I can't think of a single, solitary human-rights violation by Sharon Stone.
She must be gutted however, that they've banned a bunch of her really old films from their cinemas.
Scary that any cinema might still be showing them.
And she has GREAT hair. I love her hair. Oh, and her complexion and jawline. And a close personal friend of the Dalek Llama, I mean, how can you diss that?

Here, as everywhere really, 'tis the end of May and thus...the end of television. We have much to catch up on, so I'm not too upset.


Sleepy said...

There is Universal Hate-age of Clarkson!

Schneewittchen said...

So it is HE and not SS who is the public enemy of all mankind.