Saturday, 24 May 2008


Remember when mange-tout and sugar snaps were veggies you could cook? Yeah, me too, BUT I do love crunching 'em too.

I have painted one flight of stairs. The house is spread over three floors, the stairs I've finished are those from the basement level to the ground floor. Stairways are such a tedium to paint, there's always a bit that's too high so you have to have a long pole and a pointy stick or a special ladder. Well finally, after painting numerous stairwells, I HAVE a special ladder. was worth it, it looks fab now and my next venture will be the second set from the ground to first floor.

While I was painting, I had the garage door open so that I could actually see and for the first time, I saw a raccoon climbing a tree. It was a big old beastie as Raccoons go, and it went up a quite slender tree outside a house opposite, rustled around in the leaves for a bit then came back down as though he/she were walking along the ground.
In Britain we feed ducks and pigeons and I'd never thought a thing about it, but here, you can't be feeding anything for fear it;ll draw the raccoons, (on the North Shore)the bears, the rats.

I have a couple of trips planned now, one of which is booked. We will be travelling back to England in June and then to T'ron'a at the end of July. I'm pretty excited about the trip home now that it's booked and I'm hoping that Ellie will be christened when we're there.


Sleepy said...

Whoo Hoo! You're coming home!

Schneewittchen said...

But will someone release a top selling single about it? Obviously to the tune of 'Football's coming home'.