Saturday, 10 May 2008


Happy Birthday Sleepy! Tis not yet your birthday here, but what with Europe being ahead of us I'm sure you're well into your birthday cups :)

I'm bonding with my desk. There is a corner in our bedroom which was just perfect for such an item, even has a window from which I can see the mountains while I write/work/pontificate and so Kevin and Ikea have constructed my perfect desk between them.
I have a feeling that Kevin and Ikea are going to shortly be making my perfect dins between them too.

This week we wished our Swiss volunteers at the Nature Park well and saw them on their way. They have rented a Motorhome and are touring some of our fair Province. We did have a few European moments however over the three weeks they were with us. Nothing new, the same things I always mention and have had difficulty adapting to.
'I don't understand the duvet,' they said, 'there is a sheet on top of us and then the duvet, but it doesn't really look like a duvet .... cheques? ..... we don't understand the etiquette here, the people we are staying with eat very quickly then take their plates away from the table before we have finished...and they don't wait for us to start eating.... why can't we hire a car with gears?... what does it mean a 'twin' bed?...'

The weather teases us. We will have a warm afternoon and then it gets cold again. The tomato plants which I brought back from their temporary accommodation on my desk at work, have gone from looking bold and green to looking pale and frightened. They seem, like the proverbial violet, to have shrunk.

One of our news items this week - one that doesn't seem to involve hockey in any way, was that following new guidelines for the use of tasers, police are no longer going to be using them on pregnant women or each other. Thank goodness. They have been suffering too many shoulder injuries as they fall down.
But in order to continue protecting and serving the public, they will still be tasering unco-operative 82 year-old heart patients in their hospital beds.

In any case, it is clearly impossible to die of being tasered. Well, at least in Ohio, where a taser manufacturer, imaginatively called 'Taser International', has been successful in suing a medical examiner who put the cause of death of three people, to be partly due to tasering. Naughty lady, she won't do that again.

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Sleepy said...

Thank You!!
It's an even numbered one so have been celebrating, big stylee!