Friday, 11 July 2008


Inspired by the green gardens of Portsmouth, well, Austen's and Sleepy's, I now have a compost bin of my own.
I had been taking our compostables into work, so they were being recycled, but THIS is brilliant, I will now have my own compost too and I won't be confined to a little ice-cream bucket.
Finding a composter wasn't that easy however, I had already searched the two main DIY stores and their garden departments, and turned up nothing, but Kevin was convinced you could buy them from the city's recycling depot.

Nothing was visible. No-one was in the office. Finally I found a lady in overalls and a straw hat who took me to another office at the other end of the yard and told me about her relatives in Suffolk. I encouraged her to go there. She sold me a bin for $25, tax free.

The French rock. Not always, but on this one, go Sarko!

Tomorrow, the City Centre Celebration, and the temperature is set to reach 28. No fun. I'm hoping for a rainy miracle.


Gail said...

wish I'd known! Our house has three. Two are in good condition so we're keeping one and the other is on our front lawn to be taken away. I've been up to my neck in compost all afternoon.

Schneewittchen said...