Monday, 28 July 2008

Out East

The last time I was in Toronto, other than just on the tarmac at the airport, was in 1979.
It was the first time in my life I had seen morbidly obese people, Dan and Roseanne obese, and so many of them.
I didn't see any this weekend. I would say that on the whole, people in general seemed a bit more padded than here, but then Vancouver-thin lies somewhere between thin and gay-thin.

We had a lot to do and we did a lot. We stayed with my cousin in Oakville and we met up with Kevin's brother and partner in Toronto. We went down to Niagara-on-the-Lake for our friend's wedding. We stayed in a motel and ate in St. Catherine's.

The main differences that I noticed were the ones I would I suppose. Cars seemed huge, and all saloons. Here you see a lot of small, fuel-efficient cars and the majority of taxis are hybrids, there I saw one Fit, one Golf and one Prius. And there are a LOT of cars, the traffic was horrific in spite of having much better public transport than us.

And yet there is green awareness. There are recycling facilities wherever there is a rubbish bin and people seem to be switched into it, they also seem to be better able to remember to take re-usable bags to the shops.
But still, there is the whole car thing.

All in all, Toronto lacks that wow factor that Vancouver has, it is different, it's a big city in the way London is, so I guess it depends what you want. I wish it weren't a 'plane journey away, but then, with all the extra pollution they must be causing, maybe that's not so bad.

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